Who am I

Born in Burriana (Castellón) in 1984, I am a technical computer engineer, residing in Madrid. Nature has always caught my attention, as well as discovering new places around the world that, although they have been photographed thousands of times, there is always a different point of view.

The hobby of photography has always been on my mind, I have always liked to take a camera with me to keep memories, although in the end it brought me more abstract photos than memories as such, but it has been during these last years that I have given a great push in processing process.

My work focuses on landscapes, whether natural or urban, and the small details of the landscape. Looking for a personal style, I always try to compose my images intuitively and not based on rules. Currently I combine my professional activity with landscape photography, both in Spain and on trips to places like Iceland, Italy or France, always accompanied by my wife and son, who are my muses.

All images are copyrighted © Manuel Capellasite by Bluekea